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Fake Blood – Get Myself Together (Original Mix) [Preview]

Fake Blood has a habit of disappearing off the radar, only to return more intent on dismantling the comfort zones of modern dance music one cut at a time. With a new EP enroute next month, the London-based house reprobate gives a taste of what has been brewing during the release dry spell. In a jackin’ spree of horn stabs and soulful vocal prowess, “Get Myself Together” gives the radio-friendly market one warped yet impressively formed specimen of just how hard a modern house cut can land. It’s infectious, easy grooving and unapologetically draws a line in the theory that a club cut with universal potential need take the form of a diluted house edit. His scratchy club etiquette remains incredibly well preserved in the first instance, signalling 2014 is to be the year Fake Blood returns to teach the industry a much-needed lesson in switching things up.

Release date: March 10th

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