Headhunterz slams into 2014 with ‘Breakout’Headhunterz Breakout

Headhunterz slams into 2014 with ‘Breakout’

If 2013 was the year in which hardstyle made its grand flirtation with the main stage crowd, 2014 is the year in which the tryst either blossoms or remains a one-season stand. Headhunterz for his part is pushing for the former, and has teased a new collaboration with Audiofreq to keep the relationship top of mind. “Breakout” is undeniably softer than previous outings as its intro is padded with swollen synths and a distinct melody that dances over the keyboards. It takes merely a sinister build for the switchblade to engage, however, and an ominous vocal ushers in the pogo-ready bass stomps that cemented the Dutch producer’s spot in the hearts of Q-Dance fans worldwide. Poised to live up to its name and reach a new audience, “Breakout” will be released this March on Ultra Records.

Release Date: March 7th

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