Newly engaged Benga announces retirement from DJingBenga

Newly engaged Benga announces retirement from DJing

Family should always come first, and Benga has stepped up to the plate to approach fans about the conclusion of his DJing career. The man lesser known as Adegbenga Adejumo has taken to Facebook to announce that he is laying his turntable duties to rest in order to focus on the future alongside the “love of [his] life.” Now engaged to Holly-Jae Treadgold, Adejumo has set his eyes on a different life goal: starting a family of his own. However, this isn’t to say that the Magnetic Man cohort turned BBC Radio 1 host alongside Skream is set to disappear from the industry space altogether. Though his presence on dance floors and airwaves is sure to be missed, the future of his reign as a production force is yet to be established.



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