Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Original Mix) [Preview]Pushing On

Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Original Mix) [Preview]

Unlike the vast majority of independent British labels, Defected has a proven knack for leaping to-and-from the commercial market and the core of the underground sound scope at the click of a finger. It serves them well, especially with the likes of German house mogul Oliver $ and Swiss peer Jimi Jules representing the latter of musical mediums for impending collaborative label debut “Pushing On.” Earlier Hive Audio collaborative offering “Soggy Cereal” was enough to convince us that the duo had incredible compatibility, but for Defected the stakes are raised considerably higher for the lesser-groomed ranks of European house music and an affliction for Chicago’s heyday that is still all too apparent. A persistent groover oiled with infectious sample work throughout, “Pushing On,” reigns testament to just how powerful the union of a steady beat and a tempered bass line can be. From an artist with Dollar’s delightfully raw discography the compromise sounds all the more blissful, asserting that there is a new European stronghold on the beat pushing things forward at considerable pace for 2014.

Release date: March 24th

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