Pharrell’s ‘Gust of Wind’ finalized without Daft Punk as ‘GIRL’ surfacesPharrell Daft Punk Grammy 650

Pharrell’s ‘Gust of Wind’ finalized without Daft Punk as ‘GIRL’ surfaces

Playing frontman for the robots on the Grammy-winning Random Access Memories and leading vocals on acclaimed single “Get Lucky” along with “Lose Yourself to Dance,” Pharrell found a chemistry with Daft Punk that is expected to spread through his own impending album. While an initial tracklisting had the duo credited on “Gust of Wind,” an updated version names the record as a solo effort. As GIRL is now available for streaming, along with the anticipated collaboration (or non-collaboration), only ears can judge if Daft Punk make their cameo or not. And, by the sounds of it, they do not. “Gust of Wind” appears to be produced by Hans Zimmer, and the previous eye-raising of Daft Punk as featured vocals appears to rather be Pharrell’s voice synthesized into robotics. Though only speculation, it appears Daft Punk won’t have a presence on GIRL, but more clarification should official surface the album nears its March 3rd release.

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