Porter Robinson reveals video announcement for upcoming album, ‘Worlds’IMG 3228

Porter Robinson reveals video announcement for upcoming album, ‘Worlds’

Porter Robinson‘s upcoming album has been the young producer’s coveted project well over a year in the making with nothing more than a few hints about its progress via Twitter to satisfy his hungry, but patient, fan base. Finally, Porter has risen out of his silence today to deliver his first announcement regarding the forthcoming record, to be titled Worlds. The announcement clocks in at a whopping ten-hour mark, but don’t fear – the bizarre psychedelic trip of a video flies through the body of the album announcement in the first two minutes.

Kicking off with a dream-like pan over a forest scene, we’re introduced to an assumed floating, mystical audio cut of what’s to be expected from Worlds. Then, in a chaotic white noise jumble, the poetic tune is transformed into an alarming ’emergency broadcast,’ which then repeats the phrase “Worlds” and the emoticon face “【=◈︿◈=】” in repetition for hours for the remainder of the video. Porter Robinson’s website has transformed into an email cache as we await further details regarding the anticipated album’s release date and more,

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