Prok & Fitch Feat. Max Linen – Man With Soul (Original Mix) [Preview]Tool276 Packshot 1400p

Prok & Fitch Feat. Max Linen – Man With Soul (Original Mix) [Preview]

British house duo Prok & Fitch are back on track with Toolroom Records this month, keeping their name for upfront club cuts in forward motion for 2014 alongside the imprint that has consistently advocated their leaps and bounds to date. As the follow-up to “Don’t Go” alongside The Cube Brother’s, Ben and James’s latest solo endeavor matches the groovy, the uplifting and the soulful for an aptly titled venture into the genre’s ongoing penchant for darker vocal spots. “Man With Soul” balances both elements considerably well, acting as something of a vocal successor to the likes of Mark Knight and Funkagenda’s “Man With Red Face” (bar the unforgettable sax line). Prok & Fitch are a duo surpassing the national competition on every level. Given time and the ongoing cultural shifts, tracks like “Man With Soul” look sure to play soundtrack to the rekindled house market and the rise of its finest British specimens.

Release Date: February 10th

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