Skrillex sued for stage diving, fan claims trauma caused strokeSkrilleorcky

Skrillex sued for stage diving, fan claims trauma caused stroke

According to the most trustworthy website on the internet, TMZ, Skrillex may be in legal trouble after reports have surfaced that a fan has sued him for stagediving onto her in 2012. Jennifer Fraissl has filed a lawsuit against Skrillex for “giving her a stroke” when he landed on top of her at The Belasco in Downtown LA in February 2012.

Allegedly, Fraissl suffered several injuries to her person when Sonny landed on her after jumping from the stage, claiming she later suffered a stroke from the trauma. She is now suing Sonny as well as The Belasco who she claims is at fault for failing to prevent the stage dive.

There have been no comments from the club or Skrillex’s camp as of writing.

In the meantime, if you want to see Skrillex stage dive, you can catch him on the Takeover tour.

Via: TMZ

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