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Steve Angello – Knas (Dillon Francis Remix) [Free Download]

As the story goes, Dillon Francis was hanging out in Australia, creating a mix for the famous Triple J, when he needed a way to end his mix. Having recently hung out with Steve Angello and been toying with his signature tune “Knas,” Francis came up with this clever remix. Picking up the tempo to a quick 160 BPM, Dillon cuts the track into half time, reworking the melody and layering some crisp drum work. Remixing one of the most popular rave tracks from the last decade is never an easy task, yet Francis accomplishes it with a startling ease and precision. Due to the nature of its tempo and syncopation, the remix boasts a slick hip hop feel, priming the way for Dillon’s forthcoming collaboration with hip hop and twerk king DJ Snake.

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