Taurus & Vaggeli – Fubar (Original Mix)Taurus Vaggeli Fubar

Taurus & Vaggeli – Fubar (Original Mix)

In the increasingly competitive electronic music landscape, top tier producers are expected to not just have talent, but find it in others. Sultan + Ned Shepard seem to have struck the perfect balance, coming into 2014 with a Grammy nom and now the first release of the year on their own Harem Records. Philadelphia’s Taurus & Vaggeli nabbed the coveted spot, joining the label with the pounding progressive “Fubar.” The pair put their own spin on the jungly percussion that rocked stages in 2013, balancing the drum section with high-intensity synths and a heady pulse. If not as devastating as its name suggests, “Fubar” is still poised to wreak some serious havoc.

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