Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite (Original Mix)Its Album Time

Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite (Original Mix)

It’s almost album time for notorious Oslo indie dance pioneer Todd Terje, but that isn’t to say the trail of singles is going cold. With a serious buzz brewing for playful Scandinavian talent, “Delorean Dynamite” is the latest track to emerge from his impending Olsen Records venture, providing enough of a promising scent to keep the continents tied-over until the full-length spectacle drops in April. As rich in instrumental value as it is cloaked in warm and nostalgic synth work, the track plays testament to that original flare for nu-disco that has complimented Terje’s grasp on the industry for more than a decade. As this vintage-inspired bombshell clearly highlights, the Norwegian’s incoming album is shaping up to be an explosive landmark for the criminally outspoken ranks of electronic music.

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