Watch GotSome’s new video for Defected smash ‘Bassline’GotSome Press

Watch GotSome’s new video for Defected smash ‘Bassline’

GotSome’s debut strike for Defected Records “Bassline” was unarguably one of the label’s finest moments of 2014. Now, the London-duo receives its first formal music video to accompany the cut with low-end supremacy on the tip of its tongue. Away from the tedium of festival shots and clichéd club footage, the videos tongue in cheek take on the widespread popularity of house music echoes that of the track and its impressive spread of airplay to date. We knew that Defected does hits like few other Indies of the time, but now, their ability to match success with striking visual assets goes unparalleled.

The remix package for “Bassline” is out February 17.

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