Wildstylez ‘Straightforward’ rips some chords from deadmau5’s ‘Some Chords’Hard Day Of The Dead Deadmau5

Wildstylez ‘Straightforward’ rips some chords from deadmau5’s ‘Some Chords’

Despite making headlines whenever it happens, electronic music continues to be the wild west of copyright law following last year’s Will.I.Am. and Arty/Mat Zo debacle. Pop music’s assimilation of electronic music in recent years has lead to plenty of questionable chord progressions and now the most recent instance comes at the hands of Wildstylez on the recently released “Straightforward.” Barely hidden underneath the unrelenting hardstyle kick lies a nearly identical chord progression to what deadmau5 used in his hit “Some Chords.” The similarities between the two are undeniable and Joel has already taken to Twitter to expose the the theft dubbing the track “the ripoff of the year.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.54.05 PM

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