W&W boost up Gareth Emery and Bo Bruce’s ‘U’Gareth Emery U Ww Remi

W&W boost up Gareth Emery and Bo Bruce’s ‘U’

With W&W‘s latest original “Bigfoot” sitting happily at Number 1, Willem and Wardt have returned to the remix circuit. Taking on Gareth Emery‘s “U,” the pair tear down the soft swells that first supported Bo Bruce’s vocals, putting a melody with sharper edges in its place. Though the ethereal lyrics are still haloed with minimal tone work, the reverie is shattered by the pair’s signature big room no-holds-barred brand of builds. As the song progresses from euphoric to hysterical the vocals are left in the rear view mirror, but with the Dutch duo at the wheel, the remix delivers one hell of a ride.

Release Date: February 24th

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