100 reasons to be excited that Ultra 2014 is tomorrowUltra2 Teasers 33

100 reasons to be excited that Ultra 2014 is tomorrow

100 reasons to be excited that Ultra is tomorrow

The biggest festival in dance music kicks off tomorrow at Bayfront Park. The next three days will define the remaining 362 as dance music’s biggest and brightest stars take the stage at Ultra Music Festival to debut new music, deliver Only at Ultra moments, and rock the dance music world for months to come. With our countdown hovering around the 24 hour mark, we simply could not contain our excitement. To tide you over until the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrives, here are 100 reasons to be even more excited.

1. Walking through the main entrance and forgetting where you wanted to go first.

2. Remembering and sprinting there with a group of friends.

3. Making new friends, shoulder to shoulder at the UMF Radio stage.

4. Counting the number of Nic Cage and Dillon Francis totems.

5. Slowly working your way to the front row at the Main Stage for a chance to appear on Ultra Live Stream.

6. Seeing Diplo and Skrillex as the supergroup Jack U.

7. Experiencing Armin’s trance odyssey as Gaia.

8. Mat. Zo.

9. Getting your groove on with the RAC, Goldroom and Majestic Casual crew.

10. Seeing Isaac Tichauer live. Whether you know who he is or not.

11. The moment when the Main Stage first flips on its lights.

12. Lasers. Lasers. Lasers.

13. Participating in the largest sing-a-longs in existence.

14. Living the “eat, sleep, rave, repeat” mantra.

15. Sitting down and jumping up at every possible opportunity.

16. Craving Chipotle after Carnage’s set.

17. Patiently waiting to see what tricks Avicii has up his sleeve this year.

18. Remembering that there’s a thing called love with Above & Beyond and thousands of others.

19. High-fiving complete strangers and immediately making them your best friends.

20. Being unable to contact your friends, but not caring because you made new ones.

21. Making James Franco proud, because “Spraang Break forever.”

22. Getting an accidental tank top tan.

23. Experiencing “Streamers” live during Waveracer’s set.

24. Seeing Eric Prydz debut HOLO, the largest holographic structure to ever hit the continent.

25. Turning up the BPMs with Netsky, Chase & Status and Sub Focus.

26. Dark French techno courtesy of Gesaffelstein LIVE.

27. RiFF RaFF’s cornrows.

28. Carl Cox on three separate occasions. Can you say “Oh Yes?”

29. Maceo Plex in the massive Carl Cox & Friends Arena. Bow Down to the Emperor.

30. Mixing it up with MGMT, Empire of the Sun, and Goldfish on the live stage.

31. Running into friends from home you didn’t even know were going to Ultra this year.’

32. Finding yourself awash in a sea of neon for three days.

33. Fanciulli and Cox, Back-to-Back.

34. Getting PLURNT with Flosstradamus.

35. Catching Dillon Francis as Dillon Francis. Or DJ Hanzel. Or DJ Rich As Fuck.

36. Hearing “Animals” played by the guy who produced it.

37. Instagramming your Ultra bracelet.

38. Getting trapped – literally – at the Ultra Worldwide stage.

39. Receiving a taste of hip hop from Pusha T, Waka Flocka, and Chance the Rapper.

40. Becoming a die hard fan of an act you’ve never heard before.

41. Going with the flow and stumbling on one of the countless Only at Ultra moments.

42. Making new friends without ever remembering their names.

43. Playing count the deadmau5 heads.

44. Sitting in the grass and giving your legs a break. But only for a moment.

45. Embodying the mantra; “The dirtier the better” as you stumble back to your hotel every night.

46. Hearing the 10am soundcheck from your hotel room.

47. Being too exhausted to make it to the after parties and unable to decide if that means you’re doing it completely wrong or completely right.

48. Losing your voice from singing along.

49. Diffracting sunglasses.

50. Sharing those sunglasses with a neighbor who you can tell NEEDS them.

51. Getting a kandi tan.

52. Cooling off the in the Heineken tent.

53. Missing the set you desperately wanted to see, but only because you were caught in the moment somewhere else.

54. Getting eccentric with the Dirtybird crew.

55. Jahan, Yasmine and Rain Man’s return to Ultra after last year’s incredible debut.

56. Not making out with trees.

57. Climbing them instead.

58. The over-the-top costumes. Toothpaste man anyone?

59. Peering through a pair of heart hands to catch a glimpse of W&W on the Main Stage.

60. This trailer.

61. The one in a thousand chance you’ll end up in next year’s after movie.

62. “Miami how you doing?!?” and your subsequent answer.

63. Free Water. Glug, Glug, Glug.

64. Making friends (and enemies) on the port-a-potty line.

65. Festing all day, clubbing all night (if you make it).

66. Embracing the FOMO if you don’t.

67. Having better stories than any of your other friends on less fun Spring Breaks.

68. A fireworks display that puts July 4th to shame.

69. Hoping your hotel doesn’t realize you’ve got double the number of people staying in your room.

70. New Kaskade music. Lots of it.

71. M.I.A. throwing up a middle finger at the Live Stage (and not being sued for millions of dollars.)

72. Art Department’s Canadian invasion.

73. Luciano’s sex-fueled Balearic grooves.

74. Meeting your entire extended #trancefamily at the ASOT stage. Four the fourth year straight.

75. Hardwell dropping 40 new unreleased tracks he’s been preparing all year.

76. Playing “Name that flag.”

77. Being creeped out by anyone dressed in a full body suit.

78. Taking a #SELFIE at Stage 7 for The Chainsmokers headlining slot.

79. Eric Prydz as Cirez D — for the second year in a row.

80. Dusky. Dusky. Dusky.

81. Going deep when the big room gets stale.

82. Umek’s tech house takeover.

83. Kill Frenzy bringing UK bass to an American audience.

84. Taking a brief break to mellow out with Tourist and Cyril Hahn.

85. Singing along when Zedd plays “Clarity” and embracing the moment.

86. Above & Beyond right into Armin Van Buuren on Saturday. Trance Family unite.

87. Steve Angello coming off a DECADE of Size and onto Sunday’s Main Stage.

88. Forgetting the World with Afrojack — and an album’s worth of new music.

89. The rise of future bass and future house.

90. Aly & Fila going back-to-back John O’Callaghan.

91. People watching all of the freaks, geeks, bros and hoes.

92. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano bringing their NY style to a Miami audience.

93. Schulz and Corsten as New World Punx.

94. Going straight from the Sunday night after parties to your Monday morning flight without any sleep.

95. Boarding your plane and knowingly nodding at everyone you know was definitely at the festival.

96. Losing your voice for days after singing along at the top of your lungs.

97. Washing off all the dirt but being unable to wash off all the glitter.

98. Watching the sunset on Sunday night, realizing you’ll have to wait a full year to experience it again.

99. Walking out at the end of Day 3 under a sign already being welcoming you back for next year.

100. The music. All of it.

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