According to Deadmau5, “EDM sounds the same”Ultra Deadmau5 Head E1364537340702

According to Deadmau5, “EDM sounds the same”

Not one to shelter his opinions, Deadmau5 has opened up as to why he released “Sunspot (White Space Conflict),” under the techno moniker testpilot early last week. Other than the familiar rationales of boredom or messing around, Joel’s reasoning goes so far as to claim that EDM has grown to be too homogenous: “EDM all sounds the same to me,” he said. “But with techno – minimal techno, or heavy techno, or neo-progressive techno – fuck, it’s all techno! You know what I mean? It’s got a kick every 4/4, so everything in that realm I’m cool with.”

This isn’t the first time Joel has argued that electronic music has become scarily generic over the years. Flashback to this time one year ago, when he and Richie Hawtin spoke at SXSW in Austin, Texas. It was there that the two re-introduced the idea that electronic musicians prefer to stay close to home rather than producing eclectic, forward-thinking music.

Zimmerman’s “Sunspot” is the first release for Hawtin’s label, Plus 8, in over a year and a half. While not many artists choose to stray from their comfort zones, it is hopeful that Deadmau5 (under any name) will continue to help keep electronic music fresh and constantly evolving.

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