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Adrian Lux feat. Kaelyn Behr – Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) [Preview]

Swedish dance crusader Adrian Lux isn’t one to churn out tons of releases, but when he does, they hold considerable weight on a global scale. The Stockholm-based talent is priming his Make Out EP for Spring release, teasing the tone with his latest Ultra single “Sooner Or Later,” and setting in motion some pre-Miami glow for what feels like a long overdue return.

Adrian’s penchant for immediately memorable and melodically refined club cuts has seldom been topped on the national front, and “Sooner Or Later” continues his ongoing endeavor to create meaningful contributions to the overcrowded digital market. Kaelyn Behr’s distant vocals wrap seamlessly around the intricate instrumentation and vivid pads, building towards an apex that gives enough ‘umph’ to work on the club floor without wrecking the atmosphere of this otherwise tranquil production. This is the unique balance of songwriting and artistry we have come to expect from Adrian Lux and with a new EP just around the corner, the Swede’s silence for the first quarter looks like it’s about to be blissfully broken.

Release Date: March 25th

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