Alex Metric & Oliver – Hope (Original Mix) [Preview]Ale Metric Oliver Hope

Alex Metric & Oliver – Hope (Original Mix) [Preview]

It has been a hot minute since the dance world has seen an original emerge from the studios of Oliver or Alex Metric, but the two acts are making up for lost time in the form of a collab. Played out as a Special Delivery by Annie Mac is “Hope,” a tune that at first seems to shy from the Oliver boys’ more nu-disco style until you do some digging. Premised on a vocal sample from Demonstration’s 1992 tune of the same name, it turns out that that track sampled instrumentals from a 1975 mix of a 1973 disco hit, bringing the thread of musical history full circle. The soon to be OWSLA-released “Hope” relies on clean mixing and mixed layers, highlighting the signature skills of its creators for a sound both retro funk and modern house. Though the vocal sample has made its fair share of rounds in the last twenty years, observant ears may recognize this particular use of them from Alex Metric’s Triple J Mixup from last December. To refresh your memory, check out Annie’s Special Delivery below – the track starts at 2:40.

Release Date: April 21st

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