Borgore & Sikdope – Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse (Original Mix) [Preview]Borgore Sikdope Unicorn Zombie1

Borgore & Sikdope – Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse (Original Mix) [Preview]

With a title like this, one might think Borgore‘s just trolling the web like he does so often — releasing a spoof for kicks — but as it turns out,  “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” is a real track, absurd name and all. The vibe is similarly eccentric, featuring uniquely layered high-pitch synths and heavy bass to create a trappy, house-infused single set for release via Spinnin’ Records on April 14th. As Borgore himself excitedly points out, the track’s release date is a “symmetric number cause we fuk with illuminati.” There’s no word yet on how the song got its name, but leave it to the mastermind behind “Decisions” to keep things entertaining.

Purchase: April 14

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