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Skrillex announces Reddit AMA

With a true rock star’s disregard for time zones and the insatiable desire to keep the party going, Skrillex conquered San Francisco, Brooklyn, Amsterdam, and Barcelona in under a month’s time; as a warm up. Now, with a packed festival circuit coming up just around the bend, Sonny has made it clear that he is ready to rock. But between the end of the jet-setting Takeover Tour and the commencement of festival madness, Sonny is taking the time to answer a couple questions from adorning fans via Reddit.

The OWSLA-overlord took to his social media outlets to announce that on March 7th at 5pm EST, he will be primed and ready to give a little back to fans in a tell-all AMA. Having spent the last month showcasing a jaw-dropping arsenal of new material and genre-blurring collaborations, the Grammy award winning producer is ready to reveal even more on the interactive social entertainment forum.

The only insights about what Skrillex has under the hood have come as grainy cellphone footage from the Takeovers and tantalizingly short teasers of what to expect from the promising new Jack U project with Diplo. However, you can now be sure that some juicy details about what the iconic producer is up to are bound to surface tomorrow on Reddit.

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