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Dancing Astronaut’s guide to Ultra 2014: Worldwide Stage Womp

Dancing Astronaut's Guide to Ultra 2014: Worldwide Stage Womp

As the Ultra gates swing open on March 28th, the festival’s massive production value and incredible lineup will be presented to fans with unique stage setups throughout Bayfront Park. Of all stages, perhaps the one that serves up the most mayhem and unnavigable crowds is Ultra Worldwide. The towering arch that has marked the Worldwide stage for years has become a staple at the festival, as the lineup appeals to a wide variety of electronic music fans. This year, the fesitval has dropped an incredible bass-centric lineup under the large structure, with dubstep taking the lead on Friday, and backing down for the pounding 808’s of the trap sound that has seen a massive rise in popularity this year. As the festival draws near, Dancing Astronaut is here to let you know which heavy acts you absolutely cannot miss.


Firepower label-head Datsik graces the Worldwide stage surprisingly early in the day amongst Friday’s dubstep dominant lineup. Elements of hip-hop, drum-and-bass, and the grimiest of growls come together to form the producer’s signature sound that has certainly seen its fair share of shine on the Beatport Top 10. The Canadian has interesting roots stemming from hardcore rap and other non-electronic music that emerges throughout Datsik’s sets, and as the producer steps away from his Vortex Lumen touring production for another V-Squared productions stage, he should deliver a diverse set that is not to be missed.


Even if you haven’t jumped aboard the #ChipotleGang movement, whispers from every corner of the American electronic music festival will emerge in support of Carnage. As the sun sets over Downtown Miami, the masses will flock to the Worldwide stage to watch one of the rowdiest sets in town. In the top headlining slot, Carnage promises a big-room set on a special stage, and the loyal following that the DJ has developed over the past year will surely overflow from the thin arch to the surrounding area. If you want in on the madness, and you should, show up to the stage early, and be prepared for a crowd.


Label-hoping trap mastermind Grandtheft may be slated to open up the Worldwide stage during Saturday’s trap showcase, the intricate drum work and pulsing synths omnipresent in his mixes is headline-worthy. Since collaborating with Diplo on the “Sweet Nothing,” remix in 2012, the young talent has garnished support from numerous Ultra main stage acts and even a residency in US electro haven Las Vegas. Sure to serve up an intimate set for the festival’s gate-shaking early goers, it would certainly be a mistake to miss out on the quickly rising talent’s high-noon set.

Bro Safari

Known best for his bouncy synths on the top-line, Bro Safari will hop onto the Ultra Worldwide stage and reach deep into the depths of trap’s nooks and crannies to differentiate himself amongst his performing peers. As a representative of a lighter circle of the genre, the “veteran bass peddler” brings a jubilant vibe to the stage, inducing less head-banging and more euphoria than his fellow stage residents. Don’t miss a minute of his set, though, as Bro Safari is sure to incorporate material from heavier trap moguls such as his collaborative buddy UFO! and the master of thick low end, ETC! ETC!. As the sun sets over the stage’s arch, Bro Safari is sure to deliver a memorable set for his second consecutive Ultra performance.

RL Grime

One day before putting on the electro-house hat, RL Grime, Clockwork’s alternate trap-centric alias will perform in the third headlining slot on the Worldwide stage. After a recent viral internet hit collaboration with Australian trap leaders What So Not, the LA native defines the multifaceted artist. Often mixing trap with underground and weirdo hip-hop, RL Grime hits crowds with surprises throughout each set, and at the stage that desires to intensify the already-roaring trap movement, the artist will certainly live up to the hype during his prime time set. Lately, the trap phenom has been gifting eager audiences with brand new, unheard and unidentified tunes, so you won’t want to miss RL Grime’s inaugural performance at Ultra.

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