Dancing Astronaut’s Top 10 tracks of February 2014Top 10 Tracks Feb

Dancing Astronaut’s Top 10 tracks of February 2014

Dancing Astronaut's Top 10 Tracks of February 2014

Want an easy way to make sure you are up to date on all the latest, best music? Dancing Astronaut takes a look at the top 10 tracks officially released in February and ranks them based on a combination of reader feedback, track quality, editorial preference & critical reception.

Dancing Astronaut wraps up February for you with another edition of our top 10 tracks of the month. February’s list features massive tracks from reader favorites Afrojack, Above & Beyond, Botnek, and more. Not to be missed are also fantastic efforts from Kygo, Zhu, and Wave Racer.

10. Galantis - You (Original Mix)

With a refined ease and a fine tuned ear for what crowds across dance floors are craving, Galantis glided into the electronic music sphere with their introductory smash track “Smile.” Most recently, the production duo explores their versatility with “You” while showcasing their unceasing ability to keep a lighthearted air about their progressive house outputs.

9. Afrojack ft. Wrabel - Ten Feet Tall (Original Mix)

Following “The Spark” as Afrojack‘s sophomore single, the tone for his long-awaited album is seemingly shaping up as its May release date approaches. Taking cues from indie vocalists — first with Spree Wilson, now with Wrabel — and flavors from pop and dance music, another layer to van de Wall’s production capabilities unveils. “Ten Feet Tall” dropped earlier this month in tandem with the Super Bowl after building anticipation around the circuit, and is now making for even more live rounds.

8. Le Castle Vania - Raise The Dead (Botnek Remix)

Since pressing onto the pulse of unique and standard-defiant electro-house, Canadian duo Botnek haven’t let go. Early originals like “I Know” along with an edit of “Animals” that’s been one of the hit’s most renowned renditions pay testament to the style and why it’s surging, but it’s with their latest remix that they again raise their own bar — and then step over it. Working up the dark, heavy metal-esque Raise The Dead of Le Castle Vania, Botnek work and warp impressively for a mau5trap release. Grungy vocal shouts and rock influence remain upon hooks and bedrock, but the producers maneuver their niche and make their contributions easily identifiable… and unmistakably evolved.

7. Wave Racer - Streamers (Original Mix)

Coming off his fantastic remix of Flight Facilities “Stand Still,” Australian producer Wave Racer presents his latest work, “Streamers.” He brings his melodic future disco sound and pairs it with an array of catchy vocals. Fans will be happy to know that Wave Racer will embark on tour throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US.

6. The Chainsmokers - Selfie (Original Mix)

The Chainsmokers released a preview of the electro house anthem at the end of 2013 to enormous acclaim. This week they released the full version of the track on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records. Infectious and hilarious as the song maybe be, the accompanying video is every bit as good. And in hardly your typical EDM video, The Chainsmokers’ flick features selfies submitted by A-Trak, 3LAU, Adventure Club, Snopp Dogg AKA Snoop Lion AKA DJ Snoopadelic, David Hasselhoff AKA Malibu Dave AKA The Hoff, and hundreds of Chainsmokers fans. 2013 was huge for The Chainsmokers, and 2014 is already primed to be even bigger.

5. Andrew Bayer - Once Lydian (Original Mix)

Andrew Bayer has proven an electronic maestro. His balance of musicianship and sound design is simply unmatched. Following the immaculate “Perth” (as well as its potent B-side “Mirth Mobile”), Bayer returns with “Once Lydian,” a gorgeous tune fusing elements of electro, progressive, and trance in captivating fashion. The track begins (and ends) with a ground-shaking beat reminiscent of Above & Beyond‘s recent effort, “Mariana Trench,” before descending into an absolutely stunning melodic progression.

4. Syn Cole - Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)

Norwegian producer Kygo, best known for his upbeat tempo and indie dance nuances, has taken on Syn Cole’s “Miami 82″ to compete in Avicii’s Le7els Recording’s remix competition. Already a viral artist with a large group of loyal followers, Kygo twists his signature sound throughout the established melody, adding charming synth play and subtleties. His polished refreshingly unique sound will certainly stand out as a top contender in Avicii’s contest

3. Ivan Gough & Jebu - Noxu (Original Mix)

If Size Records is looking to make a statement with its release flow in 2014, it’s certainly working. What each of the label’s early-year outings have in common is the big room capability without the modern big room stigma. “Without You,” “Rebel,” and “Grim” were early indicators of such, and the newest from Ivan Gough & Jebu prove the veneer to be absolute. Aggressive, mean, and assaulting have been the denominators of the sounds coming from Steve Angello’s outlet of late, and “Noxu” even improves upon that. As flaunted by Angello in his previous Radio 1 Residency show layered with vocals of “Walking Alone,” it’s punch is being felt with most impact as thrown with an official release.

2. Zhu - Moves Like Ms Jackson

Previously without info on who’s behind this mash up but one worth a serious listen, the creator as emerged as ZHU. With a medley of Outkast’s blockbuster hits “Ms. Jackson,” “The Way You Move,” “The Whole World,” and “So Fresh, So Clean,” the artist, who is only now bouncing back onto the scene, has woven the classic vocal samples together into an after hours gem. With dabbles of garage and UK bass, it’s obvious that whoever is behind this re-imagining takes their grooves as seriously as their anonymity used to be.

1. Above & Beyond - Hello (Original Mix)

In a similar vein to their December effort, “Mariana Trench,” Above & Beyond‘s newest’s original capitalizes on the intensity of their live shows. Designed for the peak hour of a performance when the momentum of a set is seemingly unstoppable, “Hello” is a potent production to say the least. While the initial hook grabs you easily with its pleasantly distorted drive, the breakdown that follows is a thing of pure beauty. It’s a fact: no one can sweep you off your feet with luscious, carefully-orchestrated breakdowns like Jono, Tony, and Paavo, and the grandeur of their latest bridge is simply intoxicating. Yet just as soon as we’re swooning to the dazzling chords and curious arpeggios, the energy is quickly ascending back up, elevating to that potent peak of ramping distortion.