DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 56Smm No Week1

DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 56

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections — old and new — in an attempt to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

We present you with chilled-out music from DA favorites like Krono, Kaytranada,  Kygo, Robots with Rayguns and Branchez in this week’s Sunday Morning Meds.

1. Nearly one year in age, Krono’s take on Aaron Smith’s “Dancin'” is mellowed out and available for easy listening. Showcasing elements of both electro and house, this remix is more about the repetitiveness of the lyrics more so than anything else.

2. While few know of Kaytranada’s talent as a remixer and producer, his take on Disclosure‘s “January” should serve as sufficient evidence. Simple yet sleek, “January” now has a deeper edge that it didn’t quite have on its own.

3. DA loves Syn Cole, but we also love Kygo for his poppy style that brings out the best in electronic music. Very similar to his other remixes, Kygo’s makeover of “Miami 82” shows no lack of optimistic flair.

4. Steel drums and groovy pops supplement this upbeat tune of Pharrell’s, making listeners wish that they were on a beach sipping on a Pina Colada.

5. As one of the official remixes of What So Not’s “High You Are,” Branchez presents feel good vibes with smooth snares and 808s.

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