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Diablo III reveals quirky deadmau5 easter egg

Joel Zimmerman’s penchant for gaming is well-known. From Zelda to Minecraft, he has always been an outspoken supporter of the virtual world. Now, the developers at Blizzard have reciprocated the love by including a special deadmau5 easter egg in their latest Reaper of Souls expansion pack to Diablo III.

The new “Halcyon’s Ascent” item is shaped in the fashion of one of Joel’s signature mau5 heads. The amulet’s name is an allusion to Zimmerman’s early Halcyon441 alias, a title he assumed before discovering the famous dead mouse in his computer. The reference continues with the description reading: “Raise your weapon… raise your weapon… and it’s over.” The item includes a quirky hidden feature: by using a particular ability, you cause all the enemies around you to breakout in dance (as seen below).

deadmau5 easter egg diablo

This isn’t the first time deadmau5 has appeared in games in some form or another. While he was a playable character in DJ Hero 2, his music has been featured in countless games, including GTA Chinatown Wars, FIFA 2013, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, GoldenEye 007 and more. Ultimately, Blizzard’s newest easter egg is but another love letter in the long-standing romance of deadmau5 and the gaming world.

Via: Kotaku

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