Dog Blood releases the official video for ‘Chella Ride’Dog Blood Coachella

Dog Blood releases the official video for ‘Chella Ride’

Here at Dancing Astronaut, we are all about delivering the freshest dance music news in the galaxy. So when two of dance music’s favorite dogs blast into outer space for the release of their new music video, you know its right up our alley. The demonic, double-headed dog monster that is Dog Blood has brought their acid-techno onslaught to festival stages across the globe, and now they are bringing the chaos to life with the release of their “Chella Ride” music video.

Skrillex and Boys Noize unleashed their genre-defying, best-of-both-worlds side project just over a year ago, and the madness that has ensued since is perfectly captured in this standout rave-primed single. The hell-born hounds are brought to life by London-based animation imprint Golden Wolf with art direction by Primary as they launch into hyper-space and wreak havoc on an interplanetary scale. While zooming through the final frontier, the video’s head-spinning frames and split second clips make for a hypnotic journey through the animated starscape masterpiece.

The video reaches a sinister crescendo as one of the astro-dogs unleashes an arsenal of brain-rattling techno missiles on planet Earth from their high-tech space vessel, much like Sonny and Alex have done from behind the decks since their collaboration began. The video is released in tandem with the Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remix EP,¬†which was¬†delivered via Boys Noize Records. The remix collection features some deliciously dark, convoluted reworks of Dog Blood’s booming techno-bass selections.

As Skrillex and Boys Noize gear up for a fully packed festival circuit, its good to know that Dog Blood is still lurking in the shadows. And with the mind-bending music video ending just before the missiles reach Earth, we can only hope that impact will surely be coming soon, alluding to the possibility of more Dog Blood material sometime in the near future.

Purchase: Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remix EP on iTunes
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