EDC Las Vegas sells out three months in advanceEdc 11

EDC Las Vegas sells out three months in advance

In the thick of seemingly endless spring festival announcements and hype, a Stateside favorite has revealed a successful milestone and a subtle reminder of the summertime festival editions to come: EDC Las Vegas has sold out completely as of today. Though Insomniac‘s mothership event is still over three months away, Electric Daisy Carnival has sold all VIP and general admission tickets for the three-day June event.

Despite speculative concern regarding the production company’s rising competition, Insomniac continues to push forward and ahead with good news including recent additions to their roster of events with Southern California’s NRG and the Bay Area’s Audio on the Bay. CEO Pasquale Rotella also took to his personal social accounts to reveal a telling decision to hold off on his annual ‘Wonderland’ series kickstarter Beyond Wonderland as he looks into moving both Beyond and Nocturnal Wonderland to Las Vegas as well.


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