Eric Prydz inaugurates Rolling Stone mix series, talks Miami madness and Pryda 10Eric Prydz Create Nightclub

Eric Prydz inaugurates Rolling Stone mix series, talks Miami madness and Pryda 10

With Miami just around the corner, the enigmatic Eric Prydz has yet to hit the brakes on the affirmative action that commenced last year. He’s harbouring latest solo-single “Liberate,” celebrating ten-years of his label with a brand new album and planning for an exciting stint of shows in Miami next week, but not before inaugurating Rolling Stone’s new DJ mix series for 2014.

As part of Rolling Stones new dance-orientated series, the multi-monikered producer opens the floodgates with a dual mix/interview sitting enroute to his busiest saunter in Miami to date. The Swedish progressive icon dishes the dirt on his HOLO concept, the musings behind his rare and wonderful Pryda Vs Mau5trap session and the general mood of what looks to be another triumphant and globetrotting year.

On the view ahead for 2014, Eric tells RS: My Pryda 10 album is very exciting, can’t wait to share this with everyone. We also have some big shows planned for later this year, which I can’t really talk about now, but should be really special. I’ll be getting back to Europe for the summer, and playing Ibiza is always something I look forward to.”

As would be expected from any given exploration of Prydz’s vivid programming, his debut stint for Rolling Stone comes rife with unidentified cuts and personalized remodels from the man himself. It’s that uplifting and hypnotically melodic blend that Prydz does best, Further attesting Eric’s ability to hold a breathtaking set on the merits of practically all his own material. Listen to the mix below and see what Eric has in store for the road ahead.

Source: Rolling Stone


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