Felix Cartal Feat. Chloe Angelides – Ready For Love (Original Mix) [Preview]Ready For Love

Felix Cartal Feat. Chloe Angelides – Ready For Love (Original Mix) [Preview]

In a relatively short period of time, Canadian hot-footer Felix Cartal has become one of the first consistent advocates of consistently loading big room outings with befitting top lines. He has a new EP brewing for the ever expansive Dim Mak Records to follow-up on 2014’s “New Scene” remixes, priming the April release with an early taster of its first unapologetically radio-primed single. Banded with Chloe Angelides for the EPs first moment of exposure, “Ready For Love” sets precedents in the stead of commercial dance music here in 2014. As catchy and charismatic as it is beautiful built around genuine musical aptitude, one has to wonder how so many have failed to reach this standpoint in the radio-friendly sound scope now achieved by the Canadian breakout. For a genre that once spat at the prospect of a popular intervention, Felix Cartal rallies a considerable argument for its relevance and capacity here in the 21st century.

Release date: March 18


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