Insomniac to receive $400,000 from LA Coliseum Commission for legal feesInsomniac Logo

Insomniac to receive $400,000 from LA Coliseum Commission for legal fees

Seven months after a Superior Court judge threw out the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission’s case against Insomniac, the Commission has been ordered to repay the promotion company nearly $400,000 in legal fees accrued during the drawn out trial. The lawsuit filed by the city government group in late 2011 alleged that Insomniac head Pasquale Rotella and Go Ventures owner Reza Gerami were involved in a multimillion dollar civil conspiracy with two former Coliseum officials. The pair faced seven charges including fraud and unfair business practices, but all charges were dropped after the Commission failed to produce the evidence necessary to make it a viable case. Following the case’s dismissal, Insomniac filed a motion to collect the incurred attorney’s fees; that motion was approved this past Friday.

After months of speculation and turmoil, the case may be finally put to rest, with this statement from Insomniac lawyer Gary Jay Kaufman serving as a period on the  arduous chapter:

“We are very pleased that the Court awarded Insomniac the full amount of its attorneys’ fees.  This is just further confirmation of what we have maintained from day one: this lawsuit was ill-conceived, politically motivated and publicity driven. Neither Insomniac nor Mr. Rotella did anything wrong and this lawsuit should never have been brought in the first place.”

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