Jacuzzi teams up with Mr. Carmack on ‘Seppuku Pt. 1’Jacuzzi Mr. Carmack Twilight Artwork

Jacuzzi teams up with Mr. Carmack on ‘Seppuku Pt. 1’

18-year-old Hawaiian-bred producer Jacuzzi has enlisted the help of fellow forward-thinker Mr. Carmack for the release of their latest material. When two of the most progressive and innovative producers in bass music come together, you can be sure the production will reflect an advanced level of meticulous attention to detail and genre-bending complexity. This is exactly what you will find on the tag-team’s new collaborative project; a two-track EP titled, Seppuku Pt. 1. 

Both tracks found on the EP are short and sweet, each being under two minutes long. However, both “Twilight” and “Torture” highlight Carmack and Jacuzzi’s respective styles of experimental intricacy. “Twilight” is a twerk/bounce-influenced gem that carries a smooth drum pattern throughout it’s short duration, with the addition of some distorted vocal samples dropped throughout the knocking hip-hop beat. “Torture” features a much darker groove; The song’s design is characterized by haunting robotic synth arrangements. Following the first break, a brief interlude of claps and vocal loops brings the listener right back down into a pit of gurgling, metallic sound waves.

Given the nature of this short EP’s name, be sure to have your ears perked for when the follow-up to this installment reaches the wire. For the time being, however, these new tracks are available as free downloads.

Download “Twilight”

Download “Torture”

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