JD Samson & MEN – All the Way Thru (Andre Crom, Chi Thanh & ACCT Remix)All The Way Thru

JD Samson & MEN – All the Way Thru (Andre Crom, Chi Thanh & ACCT Remix)

For the past five years, Andre Crom has run one of the most respected underground house labels in Berlin. A frequent flyer on the Beatport deep house charts, OFF Recordings boasts a diverse crew of artists whose eclectic works tend to trend towards a minimal and memorable aesthetic. It’s always a delicate balance between encouraging accessibility and retaining credibility, but OFF has managed to perform like an Olympic gymnast in this regard.

Just in time for OFF’s 5 Year tour, the label boss has teamed up with fellow label signees Chi Thanh and ACCT on an infectious rework of JD Samson & MEN’s “All the Way Thru.” Sporting a signature hook in the namesake chopped vocal that assumes lead duties below a buoyant throwback bass line, the remix’s stripped down but effective approach acts as an apt metaphor for the label itself.


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