Jon Rundell – Raven (Original Mix) [Preview]ID Jon Rundell

Jon Rundell – Raven (Original Mix) [Preview]

Between cuts for his own Etch Recordings and MB Elektronics, Jon Rundell has become far more than the co-holder of Intec’s unparalleled presence in the world of heavyweight techno. His first return to the mothership since 2013’s “Lost Control” is taking no prisoners, rallying a two-track blitz poised for dual Post-Ultra and pre-summer domination. For a genre often demoted in the public eye as after-hours fodder and the sound of Europe’s less-groomed club circuit, Rundell consistently rejuvenates the sound with an all-encompassing take on its boundaries. EP A-side “Cybernetics” is all well and good, but its accompanying B-side lands far more persuasively. Heavy footed yet melodically inclined, “Raven” is a cut with the capacity to set aside all such assumptions about techno and celebrate that unparalleled energy that the likes of himself and peers at Intec have perfected over the years. On the approach to Miami, it is reassuring to see a British luminary give such a fractured sound its poster boy push, leaving yet more potential headspace for label, artist and genre alike to propel the game forward in the 21st century market.

Release date: March 31


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