Kaskade releases third free album “The Calm” on YouTubeKaskade The Calm

Kaskade releases third free album “The Calm” on YouTube

First, he took fans back in time to 2003, pouring out the contents of debut album It’s You, It’s Me on his YouTube channel last month. Next, he introduced songs of a younger year, making 2004’s In The Moment available for free as well. And now, for his third installment in an incredibly generous and unique series of releases, Kaskade gives us 10 more songs to add to our collection, as The Calm was added to his channel yesterday. Why so many re-releases, you might ask? Because the dance music veteran wants to share his entire catalouge with his supporters. Yes, you read that correctly. Entire. Catalogue.

Head to Kaskade’s YouTube page to grab his third album, originally released in 2006 as a digital download.  Thanks to songs like “Wink of an Eye,” “Remembering Rufus,” and “Soft Upon the Lips,” we can relive Kaskade’s early days in an album that the mastermind himself dubs as one of his more “difficult collections to get your hands on.”

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