Pierce Fulton primes two-track return to Cr2 Records [EP Review]Pierce Fulton Runaway EP Art

Pierce Fulton primes two-track return to Cr2 Records [EP Review]

Since debuting on Cr2 Records with Pardon My French, Pierce Fulton has become a weird and wonderful force on the North American big room circuit. Last found remixing Tritonal’s “Now or Never” for Enhanced Music, his latest set of originals keeps with the ever expansive sound scope historically mustered by Fulton throughout his short yet affirmative career.

EP title-track “Runaway” picks up where previous label single “Where We Were” alongside Polina left off, marking yet another solid stab from Fulton at breaching the vocal dance market. The track is executed as an effective bridge between the softer big room sound and the radio friendly ranks, effectively balanced with that overarching melodic stamina that has carried the young American from day one. Countered by B-side “Old Man & The Sea,” Fulton exercises a more intrepid take on the big room sound, expanding through a score of chugging melodies to a heavyset apex aptly tailored for the modern club market. The two tracks band together to show that for his sparing studio releases, Pierce Fulton is a force still brewing behind the scenes with unprecedented creative stamina right now. In yet another sound union alongside Cr2 Records, the Runaway EP is the sort of positive headway we have come to expect from one of the less conventional North American golden boys of the modern dance crop.

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