Flux Pavilion vibes on the best food in the world, his album plans and the death of dubstepFlu Pavilion 5

Flux Pavilion vibes on the best food in the world, his album plans and the death of dubstep

As one of the dominant forces in dubstep and a pioneer of the heaviest-hitting side of electronic music, Flux Pavilion has led the bass stampede alongside his partner-in-grime, Doctor P, and their Circus Records imprint. His recently released Freeway EP left a bass-induced crater in the dance music conversation. Is dubstep dead? Definitely not, but according to Flux it was never really alive.

We sat down with the co-founder of Circus Records, Flux Pavilion for a Quicky Q&A session to pick the “Bass Cannon” producer’s brain on the state of the industry, his upcoming album plans, the best and worst food he’s ever had and how he plans to spend his last day on Earth.

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His approach to production is always a mystery.

You released Blow The Roof and Freeway in 2013, can we expect another double release year in 2014?

Who knows, I’m just going to work on music and see where that takes me. I might write down 10 ideas in a week or I might write 10 in a year. It’s always a mystery.

His full length album has been a long time coming.

Full lengths are the flavor of the minute, do you plan on joining the club with a complete artist album?

I’ve been working on a full length since I was about 14, just waiting for it to be right. It’s feeling pretty good right now.

There's a ton of new Flux Pavilion music on the way.

What is coming down the pipeline for Flux Pavilion?

Well loads of music basically. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’m just starting to get somewhere interesting. I have just spent most of my money on equipment, so there’s also that.

His most memorable tour moment was a trip to the hospital.

What is one of your most memorable touring moments?

Breaking my arm was pretty killer. I have a video of how I did it. Hoping by the time my album comes out, you can use gifs for art.

India has the best (and worst) food in the world.

What country has the best food? The worst?

The food in India was amazing, but they also gave me raw chicken at my hotel. I think that counts for both?  It all depends on what you’re into. If I want to eat burgers/pizza…America. Fish/shellfish…Australia. Comfort food…England.

He throws down no matter where he's performing.

How does your approach differ when performing a tour gig vs a festival gig?

Exactly the same!  I guess at my own show I’m trying to spread it out a bit and give a larger representation of my sound as an artist, but it’s the same mentality.

EDM doesn't get him out of bed in the morning

The current state of dance music is a hot button topic, how do you feel about “EDM” and the stigma associated with the acronym.

Well, yeah it’s interesting. In my opinion I’m a bit bored, there is some good music but nothing that makes me want to jump out of bed and do the river dance in my favorite trousers.  Somewhere along the line, creative flair and energy have been traded for hype and image a little bit.

Dubstep isn't dead, it wasn't ever alive to begin with.

There have been cries that “Dubstep is Dead!” How do you address the naysayers?

Was it ever alive? Or was it just a genre of music that captured the world’s attention because of its innovative quality that served its larger purpose in presenting electronic music to the masses? That was some cool shit.

He loves Jimi Hendrix (and his girlfriend).

If the world was going to end tomorrow how would you spend your last day on Earth?

With my girlfriend eating fried chicken listening to loud Jimi Hendrix.


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