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Ten Years of Size: Dancing Astronaut’s top 10 tracks from Size Records

Dancing Astronaut's top 10 tracks from Size Records

Saturday, April 6th, 2013 marked the 10 year anniversary of Steve Angello’s first release for Size Records, his own Simplicity EP. As the label approached this monumental date, along with its 100th release, Dancing Astronaut celebrated with an inside look into the imprint. Now returning to Miami for another landmark party in DECADE, Size Records once again takes the festive spotlight. Revisit our “Ten Years of Size” series, and gear up for DECADE at RC Cola Plant with the top 10 Size Records productions released over the past decade.

Download the entire catalog here.

10. Steve Angello - Gypsy (Laidback Luke Remix) (2008)

Laidback Luke has been a longtime friend and collaborator of Steve Angello and has been featured on some of Size Records earlier releases including collaborations and remixes. The standout, however, is his remix of Steve’s “Gypsy” — a record that flaunts a fusion between Dutch house of five years ago with a classic house vibe.

9. Sebastien Drums, Norman Doray, & Tim Berg - Tweet It (2010)

Despite their sparing output of studio releases, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman entered the New Year with considerable gusto. Off the back of debut label duties remixing “People Of The Night,” the Swedish duo kicks off with an official peek at their Size Records solo debut “Rebel” alongside AN21. As the elephant in the room where Size’s Ids are concerned, this stern yet melodically tuned endeavour remained a staple element of Steve Angello’s global festival sets throughout 2013. With such a firm road testing and wave of global attention, this track smells like a potential game changer for both the label’s no-nonsense approach to the big room sound and three of Sweden’s most seasoned heirs to the throne for 2014.

8. Steve Angello - Voices (Original + Eric Prydz Remix) (2003)

One of Steve Angello’s first hits was released nearly ten years ago during the early days of Size Records and featured an everlasting remix from none other than Eric Prydz. Bordering the tech house of the time and the electro presence that has always loomed, “Voices” is one of the most notable Size productions that dates back to its birth.

7. Thomas Gold - AGORa (2010)

Size Records caught Thomas Gold on the rise and made way for one of his breakthrough outputs. Only one month after “Marsch Marsch,” Thomas returned bigger and better, setting the precedent for himself as a producer and a big room sound for Size with his acclaimed “AGORa.”

6. Steve Angello & AN21 - Valodja (2009)

Years into his musical success, Steve paved a path for his younger brother, AN21, with releases on Size in 2009. Following “Flonko” came AN21’s breakthrough record, “Valodja,” a collaboration with his older brother that landed on The Yearbook. Sexy horns and drums set a summertime vibe and make “Valodja” difficult to replicate.

5. Afrojack - Pacha On Acid (2010)

One of the more interesting releases from Size Records comes from an unexpected player: Afrojack. Before his bleeps took a modern electro turn, he was producing high octane dance weapons, and just the kind Steve Angello was enjoying in 2010. “Pacha on Acid” set the tone for the release of “Knas” and remains a crowd favorite today.

4. Nari & Milani - Atom (2012)

The drop heard around the world. Nari and Milani’s “Atom” became more than the biggest track of 2012 when it was released last year, it set a benchmark for producers to try and replicate. Everyone has since attempted to produce a record with the intensity of “Atom,” look no further than the popular festival sounds of 2013 to present.

3. Steve Angello - Teasing Mr. Charlie (2006)

Steve Angello welcomed an acid line that would become timeless to Size Records in 2006 when he released “Teasing Mr. Charlie.” At the time a departure from the more beat-driven productions of the imprint, other records would follow in the same vein after “Mr. Charlie” gave acid-infused tech house a home on the dance floor.

2. Tim Mason - The Moment (2011)

After big room releases were starting to find a place with Size Records in 2010, Tim Mason established its presence in 2011 with “The Moment.” Arguably the turning point that has lead to the anthemic sound of today’s Size offerings, “The Moment” will forever be one of the monstrous records that kicked off the big room trend.

1. Steve Angello - Knas (2010)

As the most renowned release from Size Records, and one of the most popular party tracks of the past decade, there is something undeniable about “Knas.” Steve Angello captured everything there is about a rave atmosphere with deep bass kicks, acid chords, a contagious rhythm, and an overall grand aura — making “Knas” a record that still works wonder today.

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