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Watch This: Morph your kitchen table into a turntable with the new tool every DJ needs

Whether you’re a professional DJ or a professional iPhone “DJ” app downloader, an artist, a tech-savvy nerd, or just a passionate fan of electronic music, there’s a new invention that you definitely can’t miss: Its name is Contact, and it is truly revolutionary.

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what sounds make up electronic music. Is it a snare or a kick drum? A clap or a back base? Using Contact, a new software developed in the UK, we can all get a better sense of what it takes to make a rhythm.

Contact was started by Felix Faire, a student at the University Central London, who began the endeavor as an acoustic research project. For the techies among us, he offers a second video that shows the prototype he began with, and the journey his idea has taken since then, explaining how to set up the device and illustrating the back story to how he managed turning a wooden table into a musical instrument.

But for the rest of us, he shows us what Contact is made of in an epic tutorial. Felix’s invention turns the average table into a unique DJ’s turntable with the touch of your fingers and the flick of your wrist. The built in Leap Motion sensors can differentiate between your hand movements, and as a result, you yield a clapping noise if you tap the surface gently, or a kick drum if you bump the table with your wrist.


Likely the most awe-inspiring aspect of the entire project is in the visual display. Like iTunes’ visualizer but cooler, Contact doesn’t just let your hands make music, it lets you see music in a way you’ve never seen it before. Some may say Felix’s invention is akin to an acid trip, though others honor it as pure art. Regardless, it’s an invention worth a second look. In response to questions about what Contact’s next step will be, Felix told Vimeo users that, “It could be fun but its very fragmented and rough round the edges at the moment. I think the exciting thing is that if anyone really wants to build one or something similar then at least they know it is possible.”

Via: Gizmodo, Vimeo

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