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Arcade Fire stirs Daft Punk rumors, invites ‘Paft Dunk’ to the Coachella stage

Just as we thought 2014’s Coachella would pass without a single whisper of a surprise Daft Punk appearance, Arcade Fire stirred the pot one last time during the closing hours of the festival’s second weekend. The Canadian rock band shocked their crowd and left a lasting impression with their ‘guest stars’: Two all-white, robot-head clad performers joined the indie band during their mainstage performance on Sunday night. The audience screamed in delight and others scratched their heads wondering why the electronic duo would choose Arcade Fire over their friend and collaborator, Pharrell Williams – but for those wondering if they missed the surprise appearance of a lifetime, have no fear. As it turns out, the indie band announced the arrival of ‘Paft Dunk,’ their own robot impersonators who then went on to play a downtempo version of “Get Lucky.”

Though some consider it as yet another jab at dance music (During Arcade Fire’s performance during the first weekend of Coachella, frontman Win Butler said “Shout out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival”), the ‘Punk’d’ appearance is more likely a continuation of the band’s signature show bit. Throughout Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Tour, the band has been known to don costume headpieces to imitate other pop culture icons. The band has even named their playful cover band ‘The Papier Mâché Reflektors’ as an ode to their headgear.


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