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Ultra Music Festival attendee dies in parked car following Saturday’s show

It has been reported by Miami New Times that late Saturday evening, Adonis Escoto, age 21, lost his life in a car parked within Ultra Music Festival‘s radius. Escoto and his peers had attended the festival the previous night; however, late Saturday night he began suffering from dizziness.

According to the source, Adonis did not consume any illicit drugs and thus, the cause of his passing is unknown. Family members suspect that his drink may have been laced, but all possibilities behind his mysterious death are being taken into consideration.

The youth’s friends noted that Adonis started to feel sick Saturday night while still at Ultra, and they reasonably concluded that perhaps he had drank too much. Escorting him to their car to sober up, they returned several hours later to find Escoto dead.

The Miami Police currently do not have any information on Escoto’s passing and neither Jackson Memorial Hospital nor Ultra have commented on this devastating news. Please keep Adonis’ family and Erica Mack, the security guard in critical condition after being trampled by a group of fans, in your thoughts.

Via: Miami New Times

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