BT and Leap Motion introduce innovative music production app, ‘Muse’Bt

BT and Leap Motion introduce innovative music production app, ‘Muse’

“As a young boy, I was very interested in the formation and manipulation of sound. My first ideas about this re-contextualization as non-linearity of music was actually physically cutting up pieces of tape…and taping them back together, taping them back into the reel, and then listening.” 

Brian Transeau, more commonly known by his stage name, BT, is a multifaceted individual. A DJ, producer, technologist and film and video game music composer, there is little that the man has not been able to accomplish during this lifetime.

And yet, BT is still moving along in both his career and his passion for music technology with serious momentum. His most recent tech collaboration with Dr. Richard Boulanger of the Berklee College of Music, where BT was once a student, is entitled “Muse.” The app, presented by Brian and computer hardware sensor device manufacturer, Leap Motion, allows users to create and perform their own ambient music without the inconvenience of a keyboard. Essentially, it enables sound design by waving your hands in three-dimensional space above the Leap Motion controller, which tracks movement and even the tips of your fingers.

“The idea was to get people away from their instrument,” BT explains. “So we made this way for you to interface with tones and ambiances where you’re completely unbound from your instrument.”

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