Carlo Astuti ft. Fargetta – Music Is Movin’ (Original Mix) [Free Download]Carlo Astuti

Carlo Astuti ft. Fargetta – Music Is Movin’ (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Italian house export Carlo Astuti is taking to the peaks of the independent circuit, in a whirlwind of buzz surrounding remixes of well-exposed tracks and most recently an original production by the name of “Tarantella.” Ready for the next step and on the brink of strides to be taken seriously, Astuti leads by the drums. Flourishing in percussion and flaunting an ear for rhythm, his sound meets in the middle of New York City’s afterhours scene and the local dance culture of Miami, and that’s exactly what’s striking about his newest tune. “Music Is Movin'” is an upbeat, fast-paced showcasing of more traditional house, raw and stripped down to live on a dance floor with its soul and soulful vocal loops.

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