KCRW presents Chromeo: On paying homage to the past, ‘White Women,’ and what lies aheadChromeo KCRW Apogee Studios Santa Monica 19

KCRW presents Chromeo: On paying homage to the past, ‘White Women,’ and what lies ahead

If one band could address and abridge the expanding distance between live instruments and the densely over-saturated sphere of dance music, it would be Chromeo, the Canadian import which has reemerged with a bang to assure the music sphere that the responsibility is in safe hands. Made up of a duo that oozes an untouchable cool from every sultry lyric and popping twang, Dave 1 and P-Thugg are rapidly approaching the release of their fourth studio release, White Women. The Montreal talents are sitting far from idle as they await the May 12th date: Still piping hot off their third performance at Coachella (this time, landing on main stage) and a quick spotlight at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chromeo took just a moment to breathe before heading to the quiet Los Angeles Apogee Studio to perform both old and new songs from the group’s extensive catalogue as part of KCRW’s intimate showcase series.


Beyond being the driving force behind the impossibly suave essence of all that is Chromeo, the couplet demonstrated their impeccable live music talent as Dave 1 zealously rocked striking guitar chords alongside P-Thugg, who artfully danced across his keyboard while seamlessly hitting each synth box chorus cue on the head, highlighted by a powerful accompanying ‘Chromette’ choir. Without ever missing a beat, an infectious enthusiasum exuded from each – both were never unsmiling or dancing along. Old favorites like “Tenderoni” and “Bonafied Lovin’ (Tough Guys)” introduced the first half of the set while fresh, yet already deemed classic White Women tracks like “Come Alive” made way for a brief interlude interview with KCRW Director Jason Bentley.



“Our music was a part of remix culture. First, on 12-inches, then on blogs.” Chromeo first entered the music sphere as an out-of-the-box funk electronica enigma, but has since evolved into an introspective amalgam of pop, dance, and hip hop influences. Sweeping aside the explosive success of Coachella stages and television appearances, the super-duo paid a humble homage to the music realm that they first blossomed within. “We’re so happy to be a part of this proliferation of electronic music. Even though our music is [more song-based and lyrical] than ‘EDM’ and ‘club culture,’ we’re still part of that world. That is the grassroots of our support, and now everyone roots for us.”


As for their forthcoming music and the evolution of White Women? “The humor is still there,” Dave 1 began. “But in many ways, the production, slickness of the sound, and the quality of the songs caught up.” Including a special array of eclectic guest features including Toro y Moi and Solange, the direction of Chromeo’s new album strives to top their alumni works while also redefining ‘electrofunk’ by combining the best of both retro and modern influences. As Dave 1 and P-Thugg blast forward with their infatuating blend of soul disco funk and polished style, fans can rest assured that their beloved duo will always stay true. “In five years there may be a neo-goth zeitgeist, or maybe even a Norwegian metal zeitgeist,” Dave joshed. “But you can count on us to keep it funky.”




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