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Dada Life retouches ‘Born to Rage’ with vocals featuring Sebastian Bach

Dada Life has enlisted Sebastian Bach, frontman of American rock band Skid Row, to provide vocals for their 2013 original production, “Born To Rage.” “Sebastian Bach was top of the list for us to work with on this track,” Dada Life told Big Shot. “He follows the Rules of Dada and, of course, he was Born To Rage.”

In implementing rock elements in a dance anthem as electro-packed as “Born To Rage,” the Swedish duo’s revisitation of their October release demonstrates the track’s versatility as one that can both stand alone or as a rock-dance pairing. While an unexpected collaboration nonetheless, Bach’s alternative-tinged vocals contribute a refreshing feel not heard in the track’s initial state. Though some fans argue that the added vocals aren’t necessary, Sebastian’s singing offers exceptional flavors from opposing genres without impeding the track’s original melody. Dada Life’s revamped version of “Born To Rage” will be released on April 8th.

Via: Big Shot

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