Dillon Francis mixes the old with the new at Ultra: Five tracks you need to knowIMG 4124

Dillon Francis mixes the old with the new at Ultra: Five tracks you need to know

Dillon Francis mixes the old with the new at Ultra: Five tracks you need to know

Finishing off a trap-heavy run at an Ultra Worldwide stage plagued by technical difficulties, Dillon Francis stepped to the decks at 11pm Saturday to showcase a wide range of both the new and familiar. The Mad Decent mainstay left his antics backstage and brought an incredible and dynamic musical performance to the Ultra 2014 attendees and he was rewarded in kind for his musical prowess; holding a timeslot against Deadmau5 on The Vortex Main Stage, Dillon still managed to pack the arch that covers one of the most popular side stages to the point of overflow. Dillon used the front half of his set to lay new songs on thick, featuring new remixes of Daft Punk and Chromeo and fresh original productions with Martin Garrix and Major Lazer, then keeping fan favorites rolling in consecutively as the performance neared Ultra’s cut-off time. Here are the five standout tracks from Dillon Francis’ Ultra 2014 set.

Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix - Set Me Free (Original Mix)

While “Set Me Free” is far from a new production, it seems that Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix reserve this one for special occasions. Using a signature lead, the track splits time between the two producers with the intro melody being the clear contribution of the young and rising Garrix. Setting an alternative landscape for the songs to come, Dillon incorporated the track into his set early, and allowed the vibrant vocal sample to carry the audience away from the Flosstradamus set that occurred just minutes prior. As the track trundled toward the drop, Martin even joined Dillon on stage, where he was given some shine with the dropping of “Proxy” immediately after “Set Me Free.”

Chromeo - Jealous (I Ain’t With It) (Dillon Francis Remix)

Keeping the crowd light on their feet, Dillon played out his groovy remix of Chromeo’s “Jealous” as he let them know the production was brand new. In a similar style as “Set Me Free,” the track steadily focuses on a vocal cut to build around before dropping into a darker, sharper synth section. As with most Dillon Francis productions, “Jealous” features a multifaceted lead, jumping from day-to-night in a matter of seconds as the harsh electro sounds run away with the previously bouncy track.

Dillon Francis - I.D.G.A.F.O.S. (ID Remix)

As Dillon dropped into the track that established many factors that have shaped his brand and sound, the crowd let out a collective roar. Although one of the most popular of his productions, “I.D.G.A.F.O.S” remains atop the list of favorites for both diehard and mainstream Dillon fans. On this special ID remix, the original melody remains intact as a sparkling synth rains from above over the keys. While this remix of one of Dillon’s staple tracks is yet to be identified, it received a wonderful crowd introduction indicative of its impending success.

Gesaffelstein - Pursuit (Original Mix)

While not technically DJ Hanzel’s genre of choice, it’s clear that Dillon went one deeper with the Gesaffelstein drop in his set. Just 24 hours prior, the French producer rocked the Live Stage to an undersized crowd, and “Pursuit” was one of many highlights in his intricate set. Dillon, though, transported the French techno goodness to the Worldwide stage, exposing the bass-happy crowd to a deeper side of the overarching dance music genre. Following “Pursuit,” though, it became clear that Dillon’s intentions went well beyond the desire to expose people to a deeper side of music – Gesaffelstein’s hit set a wonderful backdrop for a track premiere.

Dillon Francis & Oliver feat. TEED - Lightyears Away (Original Mix)

Leaving the colorful, brilliant synths behind him, Dillon carried the vibe from Gesaffelstein’s “Pursuit” into a track of his own, “Lightyears Away,” a collaboration with Oliver and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The track undoubtedly carries a dark and ominous tone throughout, with the title vocal drop placed over soothing vocal harmonies. Dillon and Oliver battle during the drop using a minimalist and overly grinding synth, and leave the two sounds dueling for the spotlight. With the most experimental and unfamiliar aspects of his set behind him, Dillon had the freedom to close out Ultra’s second day with a playlist of classic tracks of his own.

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