DJ Snake proves himself at Ultra 2014: Five tracks you need to knowUltra Ds Day2 136

DJ Snake proves himself at Ultra 2014: Five tracks you need to know

DJ Snake proves himself at Ultra 2014: Five tracks you need to know

Emerging at the Worldwide Stage during a trap-heavy run on the Saturday of Ultra Music Festival, DJ Snake had a lot to prove; while the French DJ has been active for nearly five years now, his dominance of the electronic scene began only last year. When given a respectable slot at a festival that holds the prestige of UMF, it is not unheard of for even the greatest of DJs to fold to mainstream pressure. However, with the finest of his trap production peers looking on, not only did DJ Snake deliver a set that appealed to the big room crowd, but he also managed to remain true to his trap roots – a respectable tactic for any urban-inspired act, but an even more admirable move for an up-and-coming one. Didn’t catch his set? No worries, we did. Here are the five tracks that stood out.

Mercer & DJ Snake - Lunatic (Original Mix)

Beginning with a tease of a Knife Party classic, DJ Snake dropped right into his own track, and one of the most played tracks of UMF 2014. A collaboration with Mercer, “Lunatic” proved a successful opener for the newcomer, and his confidence noticeably picked up shortly after. DJ Snake got his composure together, and was ready to bring in trap influences to accompany his big room introduction; juxtaposed against GTA and RL Grime, the crowd awaited the half-step breakdown while the producer got into his groove.

DJ Snake - Thriller (Parisian Version)

Introducing an all-time worldwide favorite, DJ Snake snuck some of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” instrumental into his set. The crowd, while accepting, was thrown off – until DJ Snake dropped into what may have been the most exciting trap track of his set. Centered around a sample of deep laughter, the pitch and pattern of a chuckle was transformed by the Paris-native himself to reflect his urban inspiration and impact on his career. While the world awaits the release of DJ Snake’s play on the classic, it seems likely that it will remain a live exclusive for some time to come.

DJ Snake feat. Lil Jon - Turn Down for What (Original Mix)

While the tune flirted with the dangerous line of being overplayed, “Turn Down for What” undeniably ripped through the Ultra crowd and set the party off. After teasing the track earlier in the set and dropping into a yet-to-be-identified remix, the crowd let out a roar when the speakers played out the Lil Jon-featured original bass-centric section. Making an appearance halfway through DJ Snake’s set, “Turn Down for What” was revived as the closing track, and while the hit was essentially played out for the third time, the crowd certainly did not mind, refusing to turn down for, well, anything.

Steve Aoki & Diplo & Deorro feat. Steve Bays - Freak (Original Mix)

As DJ Snake’s mix continued deep into the fourth quarter, he introduced “Freak,” a track that perfectly combined the big room and trap sounds that the French producer had switched between throughout his performance. The last electro track before the set became more experimental, the crowd reacted extremely well to the crowd, letting out a roar as the track dropped from progressive house to the half-step urban inspired section. Diplo, Steve Aoki, and Deorro’s work on the track could practically be picked apart and isolated, as Diplo’s twerk-worthy sound compliments the driven synths of Deorro and Steve Aoki’s heavy feel.

A$AP Ferg - Work

While “Work” is not a song you would expect to hear as an energetic set winds down, DJ Snake threw on the heavy hip-hop track to pay homage to the other side of the trap genre, and the side that essentially spawned the electronic sector of what we call trap. While the debate rages between the rap and electronic worlds as to how far we can really take the word trap, DJ Snake meshed the two worlds together, adding legitimacy and authenticity to his set to trap believers. As the set came to a close, the pound of the 808s carried the energy of the party until its very end, and “Work,” the third of a three-song run consisting of heavy urban songs by artists like A$AP Ferg and Young Thug, set the tone for the completion of DJ Snake’s wildly successful Ultra debut.

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