Electric Zoo plans to increase safety measures at this year’s festivalElectric Zoo 2013 Header

Electric Zoo plans to increase safety measures at this year’s festival

Electric Zoo has plans to increase its safety measures at this year’s festival. In 2013, two drug-related deaths led to the cancelation of the festival’s third day and brought with it serious public scrutiny of New York’s premier dance music event. This year’s permit is also being deliberated due to concerns regarding last year’s deaths, and, as of writing, has still not been issued. Mike Bindra and Laura DePalma are confident and told the Wall Street Journal that issuance usually “happens later in the year.”

In addition to the usual drug-sniffing dogs, pat-downs and undercover security, festival-goers will have to watch an antidrug PSA online in order to activate their wristbands. The show will also start later in the day to reduce the time fans spend in the sun and Vendors inventory will be more strictly scrutinized.

Still no word on implementing Europe’s forward-thinking testing stations, but there are amnesty bins to ditch all of your illicit substances before you enter without fear of repercussions.

Read the full article on Wall Street Journal.

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