Fehrplay breaks silence with trio of eclectic unreleased gemsFehrplay Press

Fehrplay breaks silence with trio of eclectic unreleased gems

Time has told that Norweigian boy wonder Fehrplay is far more than a tail coater to the reign of Pryda Friends and the progressive revival. Back in the drivers seat more than six month down the line from “Indigo,” the globetrotting talent is teasing the taste buds with a trio of eclectic cuts from his studio artillery. Whilst “Rattata” takes the shape of a murky and low-end favoring progressive outing, “Everywhere” hones in on the deeper and more house orientated remits of Jonas’s works – full-bodied keys and all. As “Pyara” unfolds with the more familiar uplifting and progressive demeanour that cemented Fehrplay onto the global taste buds, it is apparent that this is an artist quickly expanding a three-way take on the digital market. There is little indication as to where on when we will be seeing these diverse cuts from the Norwegian maestro, but here lies three more reasons to believe that Fehrplay is to be a permanent fixture among the European crop moving forwards.

Release date: TBC


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