Gorgon City previews blissful new deep house original, ‘Here For You’Gorgon City Here For You

Gorgon City previews blissful new deep house original, ‘Here For You’

Gorgon City gets better with every new release. After bursting onto the scene with their Real EP in February of last year, the collaboration between Foamo and RackNRuin became notorious for their colossal (and clean) UK basslines. While “Ready For Your Love” cemented their crossover appeal, their newest original “Here For You” evokes a similar pop affability thanks to some compelling vocal work from Laura Welsh.

Perhaps most enticing about the track, however, is the overall atmosphere, accentuated by the adept vocal processing, ghost percussion, and dexterous reverb application. Simply put, “Here For You” is fantastic. While both Foamo and RackNRuin have successful solo careers in their own right, Gorgon City is quickly becoming a project far bigger than the two could have imagined. As it goes, we’ll have to wait all the way until June for the release of this blissful gem.

Release Date: June 15th

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