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Jacob Plant gets ‘Louder’ with latest EP release

Throttling basslines and explosive builds are just the surface of Jacob Plant‘s most recent EP, Louder. The London import presents his three track EP as a step away from the typical – rather, Louder blasts in as a stronghold of electro strikes infused with a variety of bass influences. His title track detonates as a jumping, party-ready tune but shifts to a more trap-inspired flavor with his following track “Radar.” The young UK talent proves his fine tuned ear for diversification and dance music hits throughout “Louder,” “Radar,” and “Tell Them.” If Louder aims to drive a point home, it’s this: Jacob Plant brings a bursting diversity to the Dim Mak catalogue, flip-flopping from electro to trap to trip hop infused sounds in just three short, but impressive tracks.

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