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Miami Music Cruise tests waters with Thomas Gold and Co.

By the time you can count the mainland events of Miami Music Week you’ll find yourself out of the city, off shore, and into the ocean. There, too, were parties to take account of, and perhaps where some of the more interesting happening took place. Boat parties; for when you’ve run out of South Beach real estate to leave your mark upon.

Setting sail even before the heaviest action hit the town with the weekend, Thomas Gold’s Miami Music Cruise departed from shore on Wednesday, March 26th. Joining him was Generation Wild partners in crime Deniz Koyu and Danny Avila, making for three DJs to captain a floating dance floor.


Attendees were eager to start the week but cautious of pacing themselves. We call this the Wednesday Phase of Miami Music Week. It follows anticipation, packing, flights, and excitement upon landing in sunny Florida. It’s perhaps the final moments of sanity before the Thursday, Friday, and Weekend Phases when misbehavior and unruliness is all but unavoidable.

That’s just what made Miami Music Cruise all the more intriguing: how one afternoon party was able to flip switches from fun but careful to incredibly fun and reckless. A boat full of those lucky (or crazy) enough to beat the Winter Music Conference rush had Thomas, Deniz, and Danny to thank for pre-Ultra bragging rights, a far from average Wednesday afternoon, and their first hangovers of Miami Music Week — the ones hardest to forget.


Now that the South Beach memories are resurfacing nearly one month since its passing, Miami Music Cruise is looked back upon for its unique and intimate experience: The crowd shared the rare common ground of showing up to the party early only to be coerced by Thomas Gold, Deniz Koyu, and Danny Avila to accelerate from the calmer Wednesday Phase to the off-the-walls Thursday Phase in the matter of an afternoon at sea.

Photo Credit: Doug Van Sant

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